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Audition 101: What to Wear

Although sometimes overlooked, what you wear to an audition is part of how you present yourself as a package and should be considered carefully, as with all other aspects of the audition. Your goal is to look as polished and professional as possible. Follow these tips to wow the panel at your next audition!


Unless auditioning for a show that calls for a particular fashion choice, such blue jeans for Rock of Ages, choose business casual attire you feel comfortable in. Remember you are essentially going to a job interview, and you should dress as such. Be careful to ensure it is comfortable and easy to move around in. Test your outfit out in front of a mirror with the movements you intend to use for your audition. Does everything stay in place? Are you still free to move around as you wish to?


In addition, remember your outfit is meant to enhance your presentation but not to distract from your voice or acting. Choose plain, solid fabrics and avoid loud prints and shiny additions such as rhinestones or sequins. The panel wants to focus on your singing, not spend their time shielding their eyes from the glare caused by your dress covered in glitter!


For the women, choose something that covers the shoulders and knees. Once again, you will be moving around quite a bit, and a costume malfunction could be dastardly.

You may wear something that merely hints at the role you are auditioning for, but please don't show up in full costume! It is extremely distracting for the panel and does not paint you in a professional light.


Ensure your outfit fits well and is freshly washed and ironed. Every little detail matters!



For the women, a good general choice is a relatively low to medium high heel, which is flattering on everyone. However, be sure to test out your shoes beforehand, so you know you can move easily in them. You don't want them to be so tall you can barely walk. In addition, audition days can be very long and sometimes have a dance test at the end, and you don't want to feel like your feet are broken towards the end of it! If you are not accustomed to wearing heels on a fairly regular basis, it may be best to go with either a polished pair of flats or a low kitten heel.

For the men, a nice pair of dress shoes which are easy to move around in would be best. This is not a good time to break in your brand new leather shoes! You want to feel as well as look your best.

Practice singing your audition piece with your chosen pair of shoes regularly before your audition, especially if you are wearing heels. Heels change your center of balance, which affects the way you sing ever so minutely.


Any jewelry, hairstyle, or other accessory you choose should echo the rules for the attire: keep it polished, comfortable, and non-restrictive. This may not be the best opportunity to test out the new high updo perched precariously on top of your head or the long strand of pearls that gets tangled in everything. Makeup should look elegant yet classic and restrained. Steer clear of the glitter eyeshadow! As with the other aspects of your audition wardrobe, try it out before audition day!

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