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Audition 101: What to Sing

One of the first and most important decisions you have to make in preparing for an audition can also be one of the most tricky! The difference between a receiving a callback or not could be decided by what you sing and how well it shows off your voice in the best way possible.

Ask yourself the following questions to find the best repertoire for a successful audition:

1) What song can I sing in my sleep?

Choose a song that you have been singing long enough that you feel comfortable in your voice with every note and have been able to really polish it with your teacher. Whatever you do, don't throw together a song at the last minute just because you know you can memorize it in time! A good audition is contingent not only on a piece that is merely memorized but also one that sits well with your voice and appears well-prepared.

2) What song highlights the strengths of my voice?

An important part of being a singer is knowing what your strengths are. Look at range, attitude, tempo, etc. Do you know you have a killer higher range? Sing something that sits higher in the voice and ends with a fabulous high note! Do you know you have a talent for acting? Choose a song that requires a greater skill for playing the part! Always choose a song that plays to your strengths.

In addition, it is important to remember it is always better to audition with a simpler piece that you rock the socks off of than a more difficult song that you perform merely adequately. Show off your best side to the panel!

3) What song represents the character and genre of the role I am auditioning for?

When auditioning for a specific role, it is not necessary to choose a song that character sings in the show. In fact, you can count on much of your competition singing the same two or three songs, and it is always better to stand out in any way possible. After hearing 50 renditions of "On My Own," it will be a welcome relief to the panel to hear an excerpt from Miss Saigon or Martin Guerre. Choose a song possibly by the same composer of the show you are auditioning for and one that conveys well the character of the role.


Use The Callback to help you find new repertoire for auditions!

With the Audition Song Database, you can find repertoire for auditions quickly and easily by filtering and sorting by range, genre, composer, musical, and attitude! You can then listen to an excerpt of the song as well as purchase the digital sheet music quickly and easily! This is a free tool to help you prepare for a successful audition in the simplest way possible.

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